Sparkling flavored water

Sparkling flavored water

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Sparkling Ice’s Lemonade Variety 12–Pack provides fans with a convenient, lemonade-themed variety pack. The new optimized flavor mix includes Classic Lemonade, Berry Lemonade, and two new flavors: Raspberry Lemonade & Peach Lemonade! Sparkling Ice is a fizzy, flavorful sparkling water, without all the calories. Sparkling Ice flavored sparkling water contains 0g sugar, only 5 calories per bottle, and 0g carbs. Made with better-for-you ingredients, this low-calorie carbonated water is bursting with real fruit flavor, is made with colors from natural sources, and contains vitamins and antioxidants. The product ships in a pack of 12 bottles. Each sparkling water bottle contains 17 fl oz.

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